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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Homelessness 2020 strategy

Submission by Women’s Health Victoria to the Homelessness 2020 strategy. Discusses ways in which gender issues can be incorporated into the strategy. This is vital as women make up 44% of the homeless population in Australia, and the experience of homelessness differs for women and men. The strategy’s four main themes are: (1) Placing homelessness within a social inclusion framework; (2) Improving prevention and early intervention; (3) Integrating whole-of-government approaches; and (4) Focusing policy and service delivery on the individual.

Submitted to: Victoria. Department of Human Services. Further information on the strategy can be found here.

Submission_Homelessness_2020_strategy.pdf (34.09KB)

Submission to the Homelessness 2020 strategy / Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, November 2009.