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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Best practices in abortion care: guidelines for British Columbia

Please note that this material does not reflect the current law in Victoria, or in British Columbia. However the content may be relevant to law reform advocacy in other jurisdictions.

The purpose of this report is to: (1) assist those providing any aspect of abortion care in achieving or maintaining optimum standards of care, while acknowledging that there are often factors challenging this concept, beyond the control of many providers; (2) assist in the planning and development of additional abortion services throughout the province of British Columbia; and (3) promote the concept of woman-centered care in the provision of abortion services. Includes: the legal and ethical aspects of abortion; guidelines for abortion and related services such as pregnancy diagnosis and counselling; and clinical practice guidelines for the provision of both surgical and medical abortion care.

Best-practices-in-abortion-care-Guidelines-for-British-Columbia-Jul-2004.pdf (1198.02KB)

Best practices in abortion care : guidelines for British Columbia / BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre - Vancouver: Provincial Health Services Authority, July 2004.