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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Health Data

Victorian Women’s Health Atlas – new data tool

The Atlas is an interactive resource that shows (for each local government area in Victoria) gender differences in data indicators for:

Its purpose is to provide reliable data for evidence-based planning which will contribute to lasting improvements in the health of Victorian women. WHV has developed the Atlas in collaboration with other state-wide and regional Victorian women’s health services.

Access the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas and Training webinar.

Infographics and Health Data Fact Sheets

Each resource consolidates information from multiple sources to provide a statistical snapshot of a particular women’s health issue.

The Women’s Health Data series draws on information that previously resided on The Index website, decommissioned in December 2014. A snapshot of The Index is available on Pandora : Australia’s Website Archive.

Infographic: Women and food

Infographic: Women and media representation

Infographic: Women and pain

Infographic: Women's heart health

Infographic: Women's oral health

Infographic: Young women's health and wellbeing: at a glance

Infographic: Young women's health and wellbeing: our vision for the future

Women's Health Data: Access to services

Women's Health Data: Education

Women's Health Data: Employment

Women's Health Data: Health behaviours and risk factors

Women's Health Data: Household and family

Women's Health Data: Mental health

Women's Health Data: Morbidity and mortality

Women's Health Data: Sexual and reproductive health

Women's Health Data: Victorian women overview

Women's Health Data: Violence against women

Women's Health Data: Women's representation

Content Reviewed: 9 September 2016
Last Updated: 9 September 2016