Sexualisation of women and girls

Clearinghouse Connector – October 2014

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Portrayal of women

How the media failed women in 2013 [Video] The Representation Project, 2014

Women and girls as subjects of media’s attention and advertisement campaigns European Parliament, 2013

Joining up the dots : why urgent action is needed to tackle the sexualisation of women and girls in the media and popular culture Object (U.K.), 2009

Just the Women : an evaluation of eleven British national newspapers' portrayal of women Equality Now, 2012

In the margins : the impact of sexualised images on the mental health of ageing women Sex Roles, 2011

Women’s interpretations of music videos featuring women artists Journal of Research on Women and Gender, 2010

Portrayal of girls

The sexualisation of girls Women’s Health Queensland Wide, 2011

Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls American Psycnological Association, 2010

Girls on film : could new regulations stop the sexualisation of children? The Conversation, 2012

Little miss innocent? : anxious adults await Australia’s first child beauty pageant The Conversation, 2011

Feminisms re-figuring ‘sexualisation’, sexuality and ‘the girl’ Feminist Theory, 2013

Sexualisation of young people review United Kingdom. Home Office, 2010

Not in front of the children : sexualisation impacts and interventions East Midlands Public Health Observatory (EMPHO), 2012


Community perceptions of sex, sexuality and nudity in advertising Australia. Advertising Standards Bureau, 2010

Women as sex objects and victims in print advertisements Sex Roles, 2008

Game, sex and match : the perils of female sports advertising Time Magazine, 2011

When sex doesn’t sell : using sexualized images of women reduces support for ethical campaigns PLoS One, 2013

Australian national policy development

Sexualisation of children in the contemporary media Australia. Parliament. Senate Standing Committee on Environment, Communications and the Arts, 2008

Guidelines for the classification of publications 2005, consolidated as at 19 March 2008 Australia. Attorney-General’s Department, 2008

AANA practice guideline : managing images of children and young people Australian Association of National Advertisers, 2009

Voluntary industry code of conduct on body image Australia. Department of Education, 2010

Reclaiming public space : inquiry into the regulation of billboard and outdoor advertising Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs, 2011

Report of Senate Inquiry into the National Classification Scheme : has the right balance been achieved? Arts Law Centre of Australia, 2011

AANA code of ethics Australian Association of National Advertisers, 2012

Classification : content regulation and convergent media Australian Law Reform Commission, 2012

Australian state policy development

Sexualisation of children : the Commissioner for Children and Young People’s 2013 report … Western Australia. Parliament. Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People, 2014

Sexualisation of children and its Impact on their wellbeing : a guide for parents, members of the community, media, advertisers and retailers Western Australia. Commissioner for Children and Young People, 2012

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