Prescription drugs and women

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Prescription drugs are medications that legally require a medical prescription to be dispensed though a pharmacy. Literature on prescription drugs and women reveals that gender plays a role in:

A gendered approach to managing issues related to prescription drugs and women is therefore recommended to maximise positive health outcomes for women.

Non-medical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD)

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Drug actions and drug development

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Compliance / non-adherence

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Post-violence therapy and survival

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Cancer therapy and survival

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Policy development

Submission to the Inquiry into communiity pharmacy Victoria Women’s Health Victoria, 2014

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The national drug strategy 2010-2015: a framework for action on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs Australia. Department of Health and Ageing, 2011

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Inquiry into the misuse/abuse of benzodiazepines and other forms of pharmaceutical drugs in Victoria : final report Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee, 2007

National medicines policy document Australia. Department of Health, 1999

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