Planning environments for women’s health

Clearinghouse Connector – June 2014

Links to online resources available from the Women’s Health Victoria Clearinghouse collection.

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How to design a city for women : a fascinating experiment in ‘gender mainstreaming’ Citylab [Blog], 2013

Gendered cities : built and physical environments National Network on Environments and Women’s Health, 2005

Gender in planning and urban development Commonwealth Secretariat, 2009

Built environment : fact sheet Tasmania. Department of Health and Human Services, 2012

Gender-sensitive planning

A city tailored to women : the role of municipal governments in achieving gender equality Federation of Canadian Municipalities. International Centre for Municipal Development; City of Montreal. Women in the City Program, 2004

Best practices for girl- and young women-friendly cities : towards an international dialogue POWER Camp National/Filles d'Action, 2006

Communities in which women count : The Women’s Equity Report Card Project Toronto City Women’s Alliance, 2010

SALAR starter kit for sustainable gender equality [Video] Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), 2012

Urban planning and design United Nations Human Settlements Programme, 2012. – (Gender Issue Guide)

Gender, urban development and the politics of space E-International Relations [Blog], 2013

Ambivalences of gender planning Metropolitiques [Blog], 2013


For women in transport to gender in transport : challenging conceptual frameworks for improved policymaking Journal of International Affairs, 2013

Gender 1 : urban rehabilitation and transport projects : guidance note European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2011

Safety and crime prevention

Creating safe spaces in cities for women : a resolution for International Women’s Day 2014 Huffington Post, 2014

Gender, local governance and violence prevention : making the links: final report University of Melbourne. Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, 2009

Building safe and inclusive cities for women : a practical guide Jagori, 2011

Social inclusion

Social inclusion principles for spatial planning in Tasmania Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TasCOSS), 2011

Housing, public policy and social inclusion Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, 2010


Achieving healthy urban planning : a comparison of three methods University of Auckland. School of Population Health, 2011

Future health : sustainable places for health and well-beingCommission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) (UK), 2009

How to design our world for happiness : the commons guide to placemaking, public space, and enjoying a convivial life On the Commons, no date

Promoting physical activity and active living in urban environments : the role of local governments World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe, 2006

Global age-friendly cities : a guide World Health Organization, 2007

Good places for ageing in place : development of objective built environment measures for investigating links with older people’s wellbeing BMC Public Health, 2011


Inquiry into the application of safer design principles and crime prevention through environmental design : final report Victoria. Parliament. Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee, 2013

Inquiry into environmental design and public health in Victoria Victoria. Parliament. Legislative Council. Environmental and Planning References Committee, 2012

Healthy spaces and places : a national guide to designing places for healthy living : an overview / Planning Institute of Australia, 2009

A state of liveability : an inquiry into enhancing Victoria’s liveability : final report Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission, 2008

European charter for women in the city : moving towards a gender-conscious city Commission of the European Union, 2004

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