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Clearinghouse Connector – October 2011

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Gender indicators, Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011. – (Section: Health. Risk factors. Level of exercise)

Sports and physical recreation : a statistical overview, Australia 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011

Victorian population health survey 2008 : selected findings Victoria. Department of Health, 2010 – (Section: 2. Health and Lifestyle. Part 1)

Barriers and enablers

Women and physical activity [Gender Impact Assessment] Women’s Health Victoria, 2010

Proximity to transport is a health, gender and equity issue Equity Justice Access, 2011

Participation in sport and recreation by culturally and linguistically diverse women Social Policy Research Centre, 2007

Socioeconomic and neighbourhood inequalities in women’s physical activity, diet and obesity : The SESAW study Deakin University. Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, 2005

Mental health

Physical activity correlates in young women with depressive symptoms : a qualitative study International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2010

Physical activity, sedentary behavior and depression among disadvantaged women Health Education Research, 2010

Effects of physical activity on emotional well-being among older australian women : cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 2003

Age groups

Exercise for postmenopausal women to decrease likelihood of obesity Queensland Women’s Health Network News, 2009

Physical activity and health in mid age and older Australian women Australia. Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Office of Women, 2007

Girls and young women’s participation in physical activity : psychological and social influences Health Education Research, 2007

The perinatal period

Factors that influence physical activity for pregnant and postpartum women and implications for primary care Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2011

Nutrition and physical activity guidance for women in the pre- and post-natal period : a continuing education needs assessment in primary health care Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2011

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Healthy Places and Spaces

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