Physical activity and body image

Clearinghouse Connector – June 2013

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Body image dissatisfaction : gender differences in eating attitudes,; self-esteem, and reasons for exercise Journal of Psychology, 2002

Physical activity predicts changes in body image during obesity treatment in women Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise, 2012

Body image and physical activity among Latina and African women Ethnicity and Disease, 2011

Health perceptions, self and body image, physical activity and nutrition among undergraduate students in Israel PLoS One, 2013

Body image, dieting and disordered eating and activity practices among teacher trainees : implications for; school-based health education and obesity prevention programs Health Education Research, 2009

Media, advertising and health promotion messages

Effects of reading health and appearance exercise magazine articles on perceptions of attractiveness and reasons for exercise PLoS One, 2013

Physical activity advertisements that feature daily well-being improve autonomy and body image in overweight women but not men Journal of Obesity, 2012

Voluntary industry code of conduct on body image Australia. National Advisory Group On Body Image, 2010

Sport and physical education

Teaching girls to prioritise function over form for better body image The Conversation, 2013

Actively engaging women and girls : addressing the psychosocial factors Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity, 2012

How to boost body image with exercise StreetWise UK Limited, 2012

Managing the female athlete triad National Collegiate Athletic Association (U.S.), 2008

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