Gender equity

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Gender equity is the process of being fair to women and men by recognising diversity and disadvantage and directing resources accordingly to create equal outcomes. Equity denotes the series of actions needed to be taken before equality can be achieved. Gender equality, the absence of discrimination based on one’s gender, is attained through gender equity.

Gender inequity permeates our culture as evidenced by:

By acknowledging the cultural, social and economic factors that disadvantage women, gender equitable policies can be supported by allocating extra resources and targeted policies to bridge the gap in order to achieve equality.

Some groups of women experience increased inequity due to compounding power and privilege differentials, including; women with disabilities, women of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal women.

This Connector features a selection of recent academic research, local and international policy documents, fact sheets, position statements as well as strategy documents relating to gender inequity in health, experience of violence and access to social and economic resources.


Doing better : gender transformative public health messages : guidelines Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN), 2014

Gender equity for health outcomes Women’s Health East, 2014

Why gender matters : ten ways local government can advance gender equity [10 Factsheets] Municipal Association of Victoria, 2012

Intersectionality : moving women’s health research and policy forward Women’s Health Research Network (Canada), 2009

Gender equity and health

How can gender equity be addressed through health systems? World Health Organization, 2009

Gender gap rife in treatment of heart disease The Age, 2015

Why autism spectrum disorders are under-diagnosed in women and girls ABC Radio National, 2015

Summary of Indigenous women’s health Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, 2013

Common Threads : the sexual and reproductive health experiences of immigrant and refugee women in Australia Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH), 2012

An overview of the status of women with disabilities in Australia Women With Disabilities Australia, 2011

Gender equity and violence

Gender equality and violence against women : what’s the connection? ACSSA Research Summary (Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault), 2014

From work with men and boys to changes of social norms and reduction of inequities in gender relations: a conceptual shift in prevention of violence against women and girls Lancet, 2014

Chapter 3 : Patriarchy, and women and children’s oppression In: Our greatest challenge : Aboriginal children and human rights, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2012

Violence prevention : the evidence : promoting gender equality to prevent violence against women World Health Organization, 2009

Gender and pay equity

Gender pay gap statistics Australia. Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2015

Not missing in action : the being female penalty Griffith Review, 2014

The impact of a sustained gender wage gap on the Australian economy Australia. National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM), 2010

Gender equity and disasters

The relevance of gender in disaster risk [Fact sheet] Women’s Health Goulburn Northeast, 2012

The impact on women’s health of climatic and economic disaster : position paper Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN), 2014

Gender equity and representation

Representation of women in Australian parliaments Australia. Department of Parliamentary Services. Parliamentary Library, 2014

How stereotypes impair women’s careers in science Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2014

Gender disparity on-screen and behind the camera in family films Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, 2010

Gender equity tools

Gender strategy toolkit : a direction for achieving gender equality in your organization Australia. Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2015

Gender Equity Quality Standard Women’s Health Loddon Mallee (WHLM), 2013

Gender Fairness – Conversations about Equity Cards’ Women’s Health Loddon Mallee (WHLM), 2013

Gender transformative policy and practice Women’s Health Victoria, 2012

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