Food Security

Clearinghouse Connector – April 2010

This edition of the Clearinghouse Connector profiles information resources that explore the issue of food security.

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Food security overview

Food security : fact sheet

Healthy eating : food security investment plan 2005-2010

Food for all : how local government is improving access to nutrious food

Food security options paper : a planning framework and menu of options for policy and practice interventions

Women’s Health USA: food security

Women and food security

A review of the literature describing the link between povery, food insecurity and obesity with specific reference to Australia

Food insecurity is positively related to overweight in women

Food insecurity is associated with increased risk of obesity in California

Feeding the family in an unfamiliar environment : food insecurity among recently resettled refugees

Women and food production

Improving resource management through rural women’s use of new technology

Women as team players

Women and food choices

Why do women of low socioeconomic status have poorer dietary behaviours than women of higher socioeconomic status

Why do some women of low socioeconomic position eat better than others?

Socioeconomic and neighbourhood inequalities in women’s physical activity, diet and obesity

The cost of healthy food in rural Victoria

Women and food security in developing countires

A significant shift : women, food security and agriculture in a global marketplace

Food crisis and women

Women and the right to food : international law and state practice

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