Disability and women’s health

Clearinghouse Connector – August 2014

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Access to health services : the issues for women with disabilities Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV), 2011

Health of Victorian women with an intellectual disability : factsheet Victoria. Department of Health, 2011

Disability and health inequalities in Australia : research summary : addressing the social and economic determinants of mental and physical health Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth), 2012

Sexual and reproductive health

Issues paper : the sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls with disabilities In: ICPD Beyond 2014 : International Conference on Human Rights Women Enabled Inc, 2013

Pap tests and Victorian women with an intellectual disability : factsheet Victoria. Department of Health, 2011

Breast screening and Victorian women with an intellectual disability : factsheet Victoria. Department of Health, 2011

Love and kisses : taking action on the reproductive and sexual health rights of people with disability 2014-2018 Family Planning NSW, 2013

I don’t know what a proper woman means : what women with intellectual disabilities think about sex, sexuality and themselves British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 2011

Pregnancy and motherhood

Parenting issues for women with disabilities in Australia : a policy paper Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA), 2009

Women with disabilities : barriers and facilitators to accessing services during pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood Ireland. National Disability Authority, 2009

The right to maternity Parents With Disabilities Online, 2014

Coerced sterilization

Sterilization of women and girls with disabilities : a briefing paper Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA); Human Rights Watch (HRW); Open Society Foundations; … et al, 2011

Involuntary or coerced sterilisation of people with disabilities in Australia Australia. Parliament. Senate Community Affairs References Committee, 2013

Ashley’s treatment : the arrested development of a disabled child The Conversation, 2012

Violence against women

Voices against violence : paper one : summary report and recommendations Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV), 2014

Beyond doubt: the experiences of people with disabilities reporting crime Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC), 2014

Family violence and women with disabilities : an intensive case management approach Women’s Health West, 2013

Violence through our eyes : Improving Access to Services for Women from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds with Disability and Carers Experiencing Violence Project report Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW (MDAA), 2010

We’re women too! : response to the Australian Government’s Consultation on the National plan to reduce violence against women and children Women With Disabilities (Australia), 2008

Building the evidence : a report on the status of policy and practice in responding to violence against women with disabilities in Victoria Victorian Women with Disabilities Network Advocacy Information Service, 2008

Report of the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Its Causes and Consequences on the issue of violence against women with disabilities United Nations General Assembly [Proceedings], 2012


Shut out, hung out, left out, missing out : response to the Australian Government’s green paper ‘Which way home? a new approach to homelessness’ Women With Disabilities (Australia), 2008

Promoting the human rights, interests and dignity of Victorians with a disability or mental illness : Community Visitors Annual Report 2012-2013 Victoria. Office of the Public Advocate, 2013

Human rights

Building on the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls with disabilities : a long way to go Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA), 2014

Assessing the situation of women with disabilities in Australia : a human rights approach : a policy paper Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA), 2011

Women with disabilities and the human right to health : a policy paperWomen with Disabilities Australia (WWDA), 2010

Reproductive health justice for women with disabilities Center for Women Policy Studies (Washington), 2011

Community connectedness

Strong women, great city : a snapshot of findings from a survey of ACT'’s women with disabilities Women’s Centre for Health Matters (Canberra), 2011

Written submission to provide comment to the Victorian Parliament’s Family and Community Development Committee Inquiry into social inclusion and Victorians with a disability Women With Disabilities Victoria (WDV), 2014


It goes with the Territory : the views of ACT women with disabilities about health and wellbeing information Women’s Centre for Health Matters (Canberra), 2011

Your say, our rights : a project about information and communication technology and women with disabilities Women With Disabilities Victoria (WDV), 2012

Reporting it right : guidelines for portraying people with a disability Victoria. Department of Human Services, 2012

Government policy

Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016 Victoria. Department of Health, 2012

National disability strategy 2010-2020 Council of Australian Governments, 2011

Families and service providers working together : developing policy principles and strategies to support families of adults with a disability and disability service providers to work more effectively together Victoria. Disability Services Commissioner, 2014

Interagency guideline for addressing violence, neglect and abuse (IGUANA) Victoria. Office of the Public Advocate, 2013

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