Accredited Gender Equality Training Project

The Victorian Government has funded Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) and a consortium of organisations including RMIT, Monash University, Knox City Council, Women with Disabilities Victoria, ACEVic and two adult community learning centres Coonara Community House and Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House to develop and pilot a Course in Gender Equity.

This funding has come about through the identified Industry Planning needs to skill the emerging gender equity and prevention of violence against women practitioners that work across a range of industries and sectors, which was a recommendation from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.


About the project

The Gender Equity Project commenced in July 2018 and has achieved six major milestones to date:

  1. The course concept was approved by the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority in February 2019
  2. The eight units of competency which form the Course in Gender Equity have been developed and submitted for accreditation in June 2019
  3. The 22521VIC Course in Gender Equity is now registered on the VRQA list of accredited courses, accredited for the period of 1 August 2019 – 31 July 2024. To view click here.
  4. The research report supporting the development and delivery of the gender equity units of competency was published in September 2019. To view click here.
  5. The Teaching Toolkit supporting the delivery of the gender equity units was developed in December 2019. The final toolkit will be published following pilot delivery of the accredited course.
  6. The pilot delivery of the accredited course and the Microcredentials commenced January 2020 at the three pilot sites - RMIT at their city campus, Coonara Community House in Ferntree Gully and Yarrawonga Education and Training in Yarrawonga.

We continue to develop the training resources in conjunction with subject matter experts to support delivery of the programs.

To find out more about the project deliverables click here

The course

The 22521VIC Course in Gender Equity includes eight units of competency:

1.    VU22770    Develop a gender lens to support gender equity work 
2.    VU22771    Apply a gender lens to own work role    
3.    VU22772    Communicate effectively with gender equity stakeholders    
4.    VU22773    Establish support for gender equity work    
5.    VU22774    Explore gender equity policy and practice in the workplace    
6.    VU22775    Undertake a gender assessment
7.    VU22776    Develop gender equity strategies    
8.    VU22777    Implement and monitor gender equity strategies

To find out more about the units click here

About the consultation process

The Units of competency have been developed following consultation that considered the intersecting context of gender equity work, industry need, and the skills and knowledge required for gender equity work, and finally the pedagogical approaches required to deliver a course in gender equity and how that was evidenced within the design of the units of competency.

· An Advisory Committee was formed to support the design and development of the unit. Click here for a list of the Advisory Committee Members

· Three Industry Forums were run to seek feedback to inform the [1] Intersectionality approach [2] Industry relevance and [3] Educational design of the units of competency. Click here for a list of the organisations and individual consultants who contributed to the forum consultations.

Click here for a mapping of the consultation process used to develop the skills and knowledge within the units of competency.

Read our research findings

As a partner in the project Monash University was responsible for researching the pedagogical approaches required to deliver a course in Gender Equity. This research has informed the development of the units of competency and will inform the development of the teaching and learning resources over the coming months.

Click here for a summary of how the research has informed design.

Click here to view the research report: Supporting gender equity education – a research project to inform gender equity units of competency.

To get involved and find out more about the project or for enquiries about how your training organisation or workplace can engage with accredited gender equity training

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