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1800 My Options 1,300 Calls

Providing Victoria women with reproductive support and options when and where they need it


Minister for Health Jill Hennessy recently visited 1800 My Options, Victoria’s first ever sexual and reproductive health phone line and information service to celebrate more than 1300 calls in its first three months!

Reaching more than 1,300 over a short time demonstrates how essential this service is for Victorian women. 1800 My Options is women-centered, impartial and non-judgmental. It provides an individualised response and offers callers pathways to clinical services such as contraception, pharmacy services, counselling support, termination providers and a range of other services.

“1800 My Options is making a real difference breaking down the barriers and reducing stigma with free, accessible information about contraception, pregnancy options and reproductive health” said Jill Hennessy, Health Minister.

Both the phone line and online information are part of Victoria’s first–ever Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy (2017-2020), which is supported by 6.6 million in Labor Government funding. The strategy sets out key actions to reduce barriers and service gaps that affect women’s access to reproductive and sexual health services.

Below: Minister for Health Jill Hennessy meets with members of the 1800 My Options Team.