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Women’s Health Victoria is available for comment and to assist journalists on a wide range of issues relating to the health and wellbeing of Victorian women. Issues include: sexual and reproductive health, violence against women, mental health and wellbeing, and many more.

Media contacts

All media requests should be directed to our Executive Director, Rita Butera, on 03 9664 9300 or by email.

Women’s Health Victoria media releases and letters to the Editor

Gender equity training to shape the workforce of the future

Women’s Health Victoria is proud to be the lead organisation in a consortium of industry and training providers who have come together to develop and pilot accredited training in gender equity. The consortium will develop a suite of accredited units of competency in gender equity designed to embed gender equity knowledge and skills across a broad range of industries. The new training will contribute to the implementation of Safe and Strong, the Victorian Government’s gender equality strategy, by building workforce capacity to implement a range of gender equity activities and strategies.
WHV Media Release (PDF 802 KB)
12 November 2018

Proudly celebrating 15 years supporting women with cancer to live well

For the last 15 years, Rhonda has been turning her experience of breast cancer into something positive. She is one of the generous women who volunteer at Counterpart to provide peer support to women diagnosed with breast or a gynaecological cancer. Proudly celebrating its 15th birthday, the service has supported women affected by breast or a gynaecological cancer 30,000 times since 2003 and developed a range of programs to help women get the information they need.
WHV Media Release (PDF 383 KB)
20 April 2018

Women’s voices have finally been heard!

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the recent report handed down by the Community Affairs References Committee as part of the Senate Inquiry into transvaginal mesh implants and related matters. WHV will advocate for more accountability and transparency in the health care system through implementation of the committee’s recommendations and better support and health care for Victorian women who are experiencing adverse effects from transvaginal mesh implants.
WHV Media Release (PDF 203 KB)
18 April 2018

Community calls for ban on sexist ads

A coalition of community groups, academics and activists has today called for the elimination of sexist advertising and more positive, diverse and realistic representations of women and girls in the media and public space. More than 80 people took part in a community conversation hosted by Women’s Health Victoria, Plan International Australia and the City of Melbourne as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.
WHV and Plan International Australia Media Release (PDF 323 KB)
05 December 2017

BreaCan is now Counterpart — Women supporting women with cancer

Tonight Women’s Health Victoria welcomed over 100 guests to launch the new name of their valued cancer support service, BreaCan. Dale Fisher, CEO of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, unveiled the new brand, Counterpart – Women supporting women with cancer to great fanfare. The name Counterpart celebrates the essence of the service – the trust, warmth, care and positive energy created when women connect and support each other. That is why Counterpart puts peer support at the heart of the new brand.
Media Release (PDF 504 KB)
31 May 2017

Peak body media release

WHAV looks forward to a Victoria free from family violence

Victoria’s peak body for women’s health, safety and wellbeing congratulates the Victorian government on standing strong on their commitment to all 227 recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. The Women’s Health Association of Victoria (WHAV) believes the unprecedented investment of $1.9B will go a long way to making the difference that is needed for women and children experiencing violence to get the service responses they need to live free from violence.
WHAV Media Release (PDF 504 KB
03 May 2017

Women’s Health Victoria media releases and letters to the Editor

A bold step forward for women’s health

This International Women’s Day the women of Victoria have something special to celebrate – the state’s first strategy for women’s sexual and reproductive health. “In keeping with today’s theme, we are delighted that the government has taken this bold step towards gender equality and improved health outcomes for Victorian women and girls,” said Rita Butera, Executive Director of Women’s Health Victoria. Media Release (PDF 321 KB) 08 March 2017

New trends emerge as Victorian Women’s Health Atlas is expanded

A significant increase in notifications of Family Violence and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) over the past year has been captured by the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas. ]] Media Release (PDF 161 KB) 07 March 2017

WHV congratulates Marilyn Beaumont : awarded an OAM

Women’s Health Victoria is delighted that Marilyn Beaumont has been recognised in this year’s Australia Day Honours list with a Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division. Ms Butera, Executive Director said “Marilyn has been committed and passionate to ensuring that all women have choice, access and rights to important health services across Australia. We congratulate her on this well-deserved award”.
Media Release (PDF 308 KB) 27 January 2017

Alcohol does not cause family violence

Letter to the Editor submitted in response to the article:
Don’t blame men for domestic violence. Blame booze Herald Sun. 21/12/16
Women’s Health Victoria supports Our Watch’s stance that such arguments maintain a culture which regularly excuses, trivialises and condones violence against women.
Letter to Editor (PDF 224 KB) 21 December 2016

A Victorian first for gender equality : putting media in the picture

Women’s Health Victoria congratulates the State Government on the launch of Victoria’s first Gender Equality Strategy, affirming Victoria’s national and international reputation as a leader in the prevention of violence against women. “We are particularly pleased to see the inclusion of dedicated strategies for promoting gender equality through media, importantly addressing the representation of women and girls in advertising,” said Executive Director, Rita Butera.
Media Release (PDF 308 KB) 05 December 2016

Role for dentists in taking action on family violence

Women’s Health Victoria is calling for dentists to play a greater role in identifying and responding to women experiencing family violence in their new Issues Paper, Women and oral health, published during Dental Health Week.
Media Release (PDF 307 KB) 05 August 2016

A new era for women’s rights

Women’s Health Victoria celebrates the commencement of safe access zones in Victoria today. We congratulate the Victorian Government on introducing this important and long awaited reform and thank all the parliamentarians involved in the passing of this legislation.
Media Release (PDF 307 KB) 02 May 2016

Royal Commission lays the foundations for action to end family violence in Victoria

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the report of the Royal Commission into Family Violence and the Victorian Government’s commitment to implement the recommendations in full. In particular, Women’s Health Victoria is pleased that the Royal Commission has recommended a stand-alone strategy – and dedicated funding – for prevention of family violence. ‘The Royal Commission’s report lays the foundations for concerted action to prevent and respond to family violence. Urgent work is now required to bring the recommendations to life’, said Rita Butera, Executive Director of WHV. Media Release (PDF 350 KB)
30 March 2016

A significant win for women’s health rights

Women’s Health Victoria is overjoyed with the passing of legislation to ensure women’s safe access to reproductive health services. Thanks to the Bill, women making personal and often difficult health decisions in relation to pregnancy can expect the same degree of privacy, safety and dignity that all Victorians are entitled to when accessing health services.
Media Release (PDF 311 KB) 27 November 2015

Labia Library wins gold for Excellence in Women’s Health at the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards

Women’s Health Victoria’s Labia Library has won the Gold Award for Excellence in Women’s Health at the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards. The Awards, announced 18 November 2015, recognise quality, innovation and excellence in Victoria’s world-class public health service. Rita Butera, Executive Director of WHV said, “We are delighted with the recognition this Award provides. Since the Labia Library’s launch two years ago it has had almost seven million page views across 236 countries. It averages over 3000 views per day and has changed the lives of women of all ages around the world.”
Media Release (PDF 343 KB) 19 November 2015

Family violence prevention funding boost

The Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Fiona Richardson, today announced $50,000 funding for the Women’s Health Association of Victoria to deliver local initiatives and develop resources in a bid to prevent family violence before it occurs. The funding was announced at the launch of a new online Equality and Safety for Women Guide, developed by Women’s Health Victoria.
Joint Media Release download via WHV website (PDF 323 KB) 27 October 2015

Minister for Health launches outstanding new resource to improve health outcomes for Victorian women

The Minister for Health, the Hon Jill Hennessy MP, last night launched the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas at Women’s Health Victoria’s Annual General Meeting.
Media Release (PDF 329 KB) 27 October 2015

Safe access zones support women’s health

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the Victorian Government’s introduction of legislation to ensure women’s safe access to reproductive health services. Safe access to abortion is good public health practice and plays an important role in supporting women’s broader health and wellbeing.
Media Release (PDF 152 KB) 22 October 2015

We support women’s right to choose : Open letter to the Premier, Daniel Andrews, the Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy, and the Minister for Women, Fiona Richardson

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) is one of 40 signatories to this letter which supports the current Victorian laws relating to abortion, and welcomes the government’s commitment to reject any attempt to reduce women’s access or rights.
Joint Open Letter (PDF 3.6 MB) 20 October 2015

WHV welcomes funding boost to address violence against women

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) welcomes the announcement of additional Commonwealth funding to boost prevention, training and support services to help address violence against women.
Media Release (PDF 230 KB) 24 September 2015

Verdict highlights the need for our political leaders to step up

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) calls on our political leaders to put an end to anti-choice protesters harassing and intimidating women accessing reproductive health services.
Media Release (PDF 229 KB) 26 August 2015

Time to ensure privacy and safe access

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) says that anti-choice protesters do not have the right to harass or obstruct women from exercising their legal right to medical services and to privacy. Protesting should be done at a distance from health services so that it does not intimidate or harass patients.
Media Release (PDF 152 KB) 19 August 2015

Safe access to health services for women

Despite patients' legislated right to safe and confidential heath care, women attending some reproductive health clinics in Melbourne are subjected to threats, intimidation and bullying from anti-choice protesters who have become a permanent fixture outside. Women’s Health Victoria supported Abortion Law Reform in 2008, ensuring that women have the right to a safe and legal abortion service. We now need to ensure that this is available without intimidation. Media Release (PDF 231 KB) 03 June 2015

Budget initiatives encouraging for women’s health

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the Victorian Government’s 2015/16 state budget. WHV congratulates the government on a number of positive initiatives including funding for the Family Violence Royal Commission and the provision of funding to help family violence services meet overwhelming demand. Media Release (PDF 220 KB) 07 May 2015

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes major step towards gender equality

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) congratulates the Andrews Government on its promise to pursue gender equity in all future appointments to Victorian government boards and the courts. The commitment will see that at least half of all Victorian magistrates, judges and public board members are women.
Media Release (PDF 227 KB) 30 March 2015

Women’s Health Victoria has appealed to major political parties to take important women’s issues to the polls

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) has appealed to Health Ministers and spokespeople from major political parties at their Annual General Meeting to ensure that key women’s health issues are given due platform and consideration in the coming state election. Media Release (PDF 173 KB) 29 October 2014

Mental health prevention programs aimed at young women urgently needed

New research findings published by Mission Australia and Black Dog Institute provide further evidence that targeted preventative actions are needed to address mental health issues among young women. Media Release (PDF 176 KB) 19 June 2014

Women’s Health Victoria and Family Planning Victoria respond to incorrect information about abortion

Family Planning Victoria and Women’s Health Victoria are working together to ensure that myths and misinformation are not used to wind back women’s access to abortion. The two organisations are experts in reproductive health and have decades of experience in this field. Media Release (PDF 282 KB) 8 May 2014

Abortion laws ‘among worst in the world’

Letter to the Editor submitted in response to the article:
Abortion laws ‘among worst in the world’ The Age. 13/02/14
Letter to Editor (PDF 192 KB) 14 February 2014

Abortion poll

Letter to the Editor submitted in response to the article:
Most Victorians oppose overhaul of abortion laws, polls find The Age. 29/01/14
Letter to Editor (PDF 234 KB) 29 January 2014

The Labia Library answers questions we’re too afraid to ask

WHV’s Labia Library, which is designed for women questioning whether their genitals look normal, was launched in September and has received over 100,000 visits. Feedback about the website from women of all ages has been overwhelming. The Labia Library is clearly meeting a need for information and education in the community.
Media Release (PDF 282 KB) 16 December 2013

Abortion facts : Women’s health at risk from doctors who refuse to refer for abortion

Prominent Victorian women’s health professionals are working to demystify the Abortion Law Reform Act in light of recent media activity concerning conscientious objection. Compliance with the Act ensures that the religious beliefs of health professionals are respected and that the women in their care don’t suffer as a result of their doctor’s personal beliefs. Media Release (PDF 468 KB) 28 October 2013

Talking about Miley Cyrus could be good for women’s mental health

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and Women’s Health Victoria is calling for community action on women’s mental health. Of concern are the high rates of depression, anxiety disorders, self-harm, suicide attempts and eating disorders in women – particularly among young women. Messages in popular culture (for example Miley Cyrus), can be an opportunity to discuss with a young woman what it means to be empowered.
Media Release (PDF 292 KB) 8 October 2013

Call for action on abortion in Victoria and globally

September 28 is the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, and Women’s Health Victoria is pleased to support this cause. Although abortion in Victoria is now a legal health service, it remains difficult to access for many women. Women should be free to exercise reproductive choice wherever they live, whether that is in Victoria or a developing nation.
Media Release (PDF 200 KB) 27 September 2013

Website launched for women questioning whether their vagina looks normal : the Labia Library

Women’s Health Victoria will today launch The Labia Library, a website that has been developed to provide women with information about the natural diversity of genitals. It’s about showing women that, just like any other part of the body, genitals come in all shapes and sizes.
Media Release (PDF 202 KB) 17 September 2013

Not the full story : Anti-abortion claims on RU486 published in The Age

Women’s Health Victoria is concerned that claims published in The Age on 11 August do not disclose Melinda Tankard-Reist’s anti-abortion position, which has been publically documented. The inclusion of mifepristone (RU486) and misoprostol on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme allows women to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and to access safe and affordable abortion.
Media Release (PDF 212 KB) 13 August 2013

Violence against women – let’s get serious

The World Health Organisation’s report confirms what we’ve known for many years – that violence against women is a ‘global health problem of epidemic proportions. Women’s Health Victoria has a history of developing and delivering high-quality and innovative violence prevention program, such as the Take A Stand program which is delivered in the workplace settings. However, we require further funding support in order to sustain this important work.
Media release (PDF 45 KB) 27 June 2013

World No Tobacco Day : Call to ban smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas good for women

On World No Tobacco Day on 31 May 2013, Women’s Health Victoria is calling for a ban on smoking in outdoor drinking and dining areas. The Victorian Government recently announced that they are considering further outdoor smoking bans, but the proposals do not include outdoor dining or drinking areas. Policies that limit opportunities to smoke in such areas will be particularly effective in deterring young women from smoking. Media Release (PDF 48 KB) 31 May 2013

Access to contraception is a human right

On the International Day of Action for Women’s Health – 28th May 2013 – Women’s Health Victoria is calling for access to affordable contraception for Australian women as a critical part of preventing unintended pregnancies, and as part of a wider strategy addressing sexual and reproductive health.
Media Release (PDF 47 KB) 28 May 2013

Wish list for International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day – 8th March 2013 – Women’s Health Victoria is inviting members of the public to contribute to the Feminism Wish List that showcases the aspirations and goals for women and men in striving towards women’s health, empowerment and equality.
Media Release (PDF 67 KB) 07 March 2013

Taking action for women’s health, empowerment and equality on International Women’s Day

Women’s Health Victoria is today launching a social media campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March. Called Taking action for women’s health, empowerment and equality, the campaign aims to build on what women have achieved, and highlight what still needs to happen.
Media Release (PDF 62 KB) 04 March 2013

Women seek risky cosmetic surgery because they don’t know what normal genitals look like

Women’s Health Victoria has produced a new Issues Paper on female genital cosmetic surgery. The paper aims to help generate debate among health professionals and advocates about how to respond to the emergence of these controversial procedures.
Media Release (PDF 62 KB) 05 February 2013

Poor food and dieting make women sick

As part of Nutrition Week 2012, Women’s Health Victoria highlights the link between women’s relationship with food and their physical and mental health in their new Women and Food Issues Paper. The paper explores the underlying complex forces that keep women on the merry-go-round of body dissatisfaction, disordered eating and poor mental and physical health. There is a need to challenge gender stereotypes, ensure women have equal access to economic and political resources, and ensure access to a nutritious food supply.
Media Release (PDF 62 KB) 15 October 2012

Positive mental health for women doesn’t happen in a vacuum

October 10th, 2012 is World Mental Health Day – a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. To raise awareness about the importance of how social factors and physical health can impact on women’s mental health, Women’s Health Victoria is running the Body and Soul social media campaign until 12th October.
Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 9 October 2012

Why food is a gender issue

Women’s Health Victoria is calling for greater understanding and awareness of the link between women’s mental health and their relationship with food, in the Women and Food Issues Paper, published today. Women struggle with unhealthy eating behaviours, many from a young age, in an attempt to fit a culturally acceptable slim ideal which is completely out of reach for most women. The ‘war on obesity’ is becoming personalised as the ‘fight against fat women’.
Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 8 October 2012

Call for action on abortion in Victoria and globally

September 28 is the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. Unsafe abortion remains a major cause of maternal mortality and morbidity in the developing world. Women’s Health Victoria believes that women around the world should be free to make decisions regarding their reproductive health. This day is an opportunity to reflect on the difficulties experienced by women in Victoria who have unintended pregnancies.
Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 28 September 2012

Body image and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

This week, Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week coincides with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. The fashion and advertising industries put pressure on young people to conform to beauty ideals. Women’s Health Victoria calls on the government to make the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image mandatory so that we see a healthier and more diverse portrayal of women.
Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 28 September 2012

Increased family violence reporting not all bad

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the release of Victoria Police’s Crime Statistics. While it may appear concerning that reports of family violence to police have increased by 23% in the past year, it is a good sign that those experiencing violence are coming forward. This means that there is more community confidence to report these matters to police and that police are taking these matters seriously.
Media Release (PDF 85 KB) 03 September 2012

Promoting health, empowerment and equality at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Women’s Health Victoria’s is running an outdoor advertisement and social media campaign during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Three key messages of the campaign are: Body image is the number one worry for women under 25; 1 in 3 women experience physical assault in their lifetime; and Women earn 17% less than men.
Media Release (PDF 85 KB) 02 September 2012

Ad found to be objectifying women

Following recommendations made by Women’s Health Victoria, the Australian Association of National Advertisers’ Code of Ethics has recently been revised to prevent the use of ‘sexual appeal in a manner which is exploitative and degrading of any individual or group of people’ in advertising and marketing.
Media Release (PDF 79 KB) 20 July 2012

Response to ‘The Terminators: using abortion as a form of contraception’

Women make decisions about their sexual and reproductive health for a range of reasons, and should be able to readily access both contraception and abortion. Very few women use abortion as contraception.
Media Release (PDF 121 KB) 26 June 2012

Premier called to act on violence

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is being called upon by women’s and community sector organisations to take a leading role in the Government’s strategies addressing violence against women. The groups believe Victoria has a chance to demonstrate a truly integrated approach, with the Premier taking a more active role and all Ministers and Departments working together to address the problem.
Joint Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 23 March 2012

Women’s Health Victoria flies violence prevention flag in London

Women’s Health Victoria is speaking at the London global launch of a campaign dedicated to reducing domestic violence worldwide on the Day of Truce, 21 September 2012.
Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 22 March 2012

Still a long way to go on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, Women’s Health Victoria is calling for women to remain vigilant so that the gains that have been made by women in Victoria are not lost. Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 8 March 2012

Family violence and the workplace – employers can do something about it

The release of the University of NSW survey into the impact of family violence on the workplace has shown that nearly half of the women who reported family violence said it affected their ability to get to work and could impact on their productivity once at work. Women’s Health Victoria is urging employers to consider workplace-based programs that address family violence.
Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 6 December 2011

Business recognises role in preventing violence against women

The Women’s Health Victoria Take A Stand program has successfully demonstrated that business has a role to play in the prevention of violence against women. The program – which includes workplace policy, awareness raising and training – was pioneered at logistics company Linfox. Now other organisations are being encouraged to come on board.
Media Release (PDF 111 KB) 1 December 2011

Employers urged to support violence prevention against women

Women’s Health Victoria today marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women by urging employers to consider workplace-based programs that address domestic violence.
Media Release (PDF 80 KB) 25 November 2011

We are all responsible for preventing violence against women

Women’s Health Victoria has developed a whole-of-company program to prevent violence against women in our community. Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence© provides organisations and individuals with the knowledge and the tools to challenge traditional attitudes and beliefs that may trivialise and/or condone violence against women.
Media Release (PDF 111 KB) 22 November 2011

Advertisers’ new Code includes objectification of women

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the recent revisions to the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Code of Ethics. The changes mean that the Advertising Standards Bureau will be able to consider whether ads use sex appeal to exploit or degrade women when making decisions about ads that receive complaints.
Media Release (PDF 79 KB) 15 November 2011

Preventing women’s suicide – Mental Health Week

At the start of Mental Health Week, Women’s Health Victoria is calling for more attention to be paid to suicide prevention efforts aimed at women. Common risk factors for suicide in women include the experience of violence against women and a history of mental illness.
Media Release (PDF 60 KB) 9 October 2011

Suicide an issue for women too

A new Gender impact assessment by Women’s Health Victoria explores the impact of suicide on women. Recognising that suicide is also an issue for women will ensure that prevention strategies are targeted, relevant and therefore more effective.
Media Release (PDF 60 KB) 23 August 2011

Productivity Commission ignores the experiences of women with disabilities

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the Productivity Commission’s recommendations on the creation of a National Disability Insurance Scheme, but has questioned the extent to which gender was considered in their development.
Media Release (PDF 200 KB) 11 August 2011

Women with disabilities fall through the cracks

Women with Disabilities Victoria, in partnership with Women’s Health Victoria and Domestic Violence Victoria, are hosting a DisabiliTEA on August 2 as part of the Every Australian Counts Campaign for a National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Media Release (PDF 368 KB) 28 July 2011

Gender specific approaches needed to tackle women’s smoking

On World No Tobacco Day on 31 May, Women’s Health Victoria is calling for more to be done to support targeted research, prevention and cessation strategies that are specific to women and girls.
Media Release (PDF 59 KB) 30 May 2011

Health impacts of smoking for women shows a gender sensitive approach to prevention is needed

Women’s Health Victoria today called for measures that specifically target women to prevent the rise of smoking, with the publication today of a new gender impact assessment titled ‘Women and tobacco’.
Media Release (PDF 210 KB) 21 December 2010

Encouragement for other states who seek to reform outdated abortion laws with new documentary launch

Women’s Health Victoria today launched a new documentary that explores the campaign that took place to remove abortion from the Crimes Act in Victoria.
Media Release (PDF 153 KB) 1 December 2010

Workplace programs that address domestic violence are vital and should be expanded

Women’s Health Victoria today marked White Ribbon Day, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, by urging employers to consider workplace-based programs that address domestic violence.
Media Release (PDF 89 KB) 25 November 2010

Women’s Health Victoria new Executive Director

Louise Johnson, Women’s Health Victoria Board Chairperson today announced that Rita Butera has been appointed WHV’s new Executive Director, and will commence in the position in January 2011.
Media Release (PDF 210 KB) 16 November 2010

More workplaces need to take domestic violence seriously: WHV

Women’s Health Victoria today applauded moves by the Australian Services Union to introduce a paid family violence leave clause in their workplace agreements, as a crucial issue that affects occupational health and safety.
Media Release (PDF 127 KB) 25 October 2010

WHV calls for gender sensitive approach to mental health

Victorian women’s health policy experts and advocates have today encouraged a gender sensitive approach to policy and practice around mental health, as part of Mental Health Week 10-16 Oct 2010. The use of a gender sensitive understanding in treatment methods has proven far more effective than the blanket approach that is usually deployed in the treatment of mental health.
Media Release (PDF 130 KB) 13 October 2010

WHV calls for statewide strategy on sexual and reproductive health

Victorian women’s health policy experts and advocates have welcomed calls for targeted sexuality education around the issue of sex and alcohol use in teens. The issue highlights a growing need for a statewide strategy on sexual and reproductive health. Media Release (PDF 130 KB) 6 October 2010

Improving safety of psychiatric wards for women a crucial step

Victorian women’s health policy experts and advocates have today commended the Coalition’s $4m promise to improve safety for women in psychiatric care. The fact that women can face harassment, assault and rape in an institution of care has to be addressed by giving women the tools and protection to receive treatment without that threat.
Media Release (PDF 59 KB) 5 October 2010

Morning after pill – not just for the morning after

Large numbers of Australian women are still unaware and uninformed about emergency contraception, said Women’s Health Victoria today to mark World Contraception Day. Doctors and pharmacists in Australia need to play a more proactive role in promoting the availability of emergency contraception.
Media Release (PDF 139 KB) 26 September 2010

Attempted suicide more common among Australian women than men

Women’s Health Victoria is calling for greater understanding and awareness around female suicide in Australia, in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide is a serious area of concern for both men and women in Australia and yet it is too often perceived as predominately a men’s issue. World Suicide Prevention Day is a sobering reminder of the many issues which lead women to attempt suicide, which commonly include domestic violence and discrimination.
Media Release (PDF 132 KB) 9 September 2010

Youth violence response must not overlook violence against young women by their partners

Women’s Health Victoria today commended the release of a report on youth violence by the House of Representatives Family and Youth Committee. ‘Avoid the harm – stay calm’ should be a call to action by all political parties at State and Federal level to act on violence against young women by their current or ex partners.
Media Release (PDF 79KB) 16 July 2010

Governments have an obligation to promote healthier portrayal of women in advertising

Women’s Health Victoria today called on Governments across the country to stand up to advertisers who resist regulation of exploitative or sexualized representation of women.
Media Release (PDF 75KB) 16 June 2010

Women’s health advocates call for Australian clinical guidelines to ensure equal representation of women in medical trials

Papers published in the respected journal “Nature” have highlighted the fact that in the majority of animal and human medical studies, male subjects are used, leading to medical practices that are not necessarily healthy for women.
Media Release (PDF 81KB) 10 June 2010

A budget that reaches out to Victoria’s women

The Victorian State Budget 2010-2011 includes a number of practical initiatives and funding to benefit Victorian women. Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the Brumby Government’s commitment to creating opportunities for Victorian women to lead safe, healthy lives.
Media Release (PDF 78KB) 4 May 2010

Women and their families need a streamlined health system with less out of pocket expenses

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the $890m for Victorian Hospitals out of the National Health reform COAG deal, although concerns remain that there is not enough focus on prevention and health promotion if the proposal passes in the Senate. Media Release (PDF 74KB) 22 April 2010

Not Acting on human rights an opportunity wasted

Women’s Health Victoria is disappointed that Australia will remain the only Western democracy without a human rights act, as the Government today failed to establish a Human Rights Act.
Media Release (PDF 74KB) 22 April 2010

Still work to be done to address violence-supportive attitudes towards women

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the release of the VicHealth report “Changing Cultures, Changing Attitudes”. The community survey shows that while people do not always understand why women are victim to violence and it’s serious effects, they are more likely to be aware of the best ways to intervene in domestic violence. The results provide guidance for measuring programs and the effectiveness they have within the community, identifying both gaps and strengths.
Media Release (PDF 74KB) 7 April 2010

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