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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Making Space for Women

Mural Commissioning Project

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) and the City of Melbourne (CoM) are committed to improving the representation and inclusion of women and girls in public spaces. With support from the Victorian Government as part of their Victoria Against Violence campaign, WHV and CoM have partnered to commission a vivid and engaging public mural featuring empowering and diverse representations of women and girls.

Further information for artists

Site: External brick wall on Arden Street at North Melbourne Recreation Centre.

Mural dimensions: Approximately 10 x 3 metres

Budget: $10,000 including materials


Key themes and considerations: Feminism, diversity and solidarity amongst women, women and girls in sport, positive body image. Orange is the official colour of the Victoria Against Violence campaign. The colour scheme of the North Melbourne Recreation Centre is blue and white. Please note that this opportunity is only available to women artists, including transwomen. You can find a map of the location and photo of the wall below.

Lifespan and maintenance: The artwork will be permitted to stay on the wall for a maximum of three years. After which time the wall can be recycled if desired or returned to a neutral state.

The artist will be expected to maintain the artwork for a period of six months. This includes applying one top coat of graffiti resistant paint at the time the mural is completed. The artist may be called upon annually to touch up for an additional fee.

Applications close Monday 26 February. Interested artists should contact Amy Webster at Women’s Health Victoria. Artists will be asked to provide a sketch of their proposed mural, as well as budget and proposed project timeline.

Project background

Preventing Violence Against Women has been a long-standing priority for WHV and the City of Melbourne (CoM). This work includes the need to improve the representation and inclusion of women and girls in all aspects of public life.

In particular, WHV has undertaken research and community consultation around the need to remove barriers to women and girls’ equal participation in sport and recreation, and improve the representation and inclusion of women and girls in public spaces.

Key findings

Building on this evidence, WHV is working with CoM as well as Plan International Australia to proactively reduce barriers to women’s participation in sports and recreation, and to directly improve the representation of women and girls in public spaces.

You may also like to read Women’s Health Victoria’s new Fact Sheet on Young Women’s Health and check out our illustrated recording of our recent forum on Making Space for Women.


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