Gender Equity in Action: applying a gender lens to your work

Date: Wednesday 18th October

Time: 10:00AM-4:00PM

Location: L 8 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000 

Cost: $225 pp General (exc. GST)  |  $155 pp Concession (exc. GST)


About the workshop:

This full-day workshop provides an introductory guide to understanding gender within our society. The workshop unpacks the impact of gender inequality on our health and wellbeing in Australia and best practice approaches to building gender equity into your work. The workshop focuses on building the practical skills needed to apply a gender lens to the design, delivery and evaluation of gender sensitive programs, policies, and initiatives.
This workshop has been delivered by Women’s Health Victoria since 2009 under the title “Applied Gender Analysis”.

What is a gender lens?

A gender lens is the careful and deliberate examination of the implications of our work on women, men and gender diverse people. This is done through analysis, planning, evaluation and decisions-making that takes account of differing circumstances, needs and impacts.

What does this workshop cover?

Who should attend?

This introductory workshop is designed for professionals working in a range of areas including health promotion, social policy, community development, health and support services, women’s health, community health and local and state government who want to deliver gender equitable and gender sensitive programs and services.


testimonials“[the workshop provided a] deeper understanding of terminology, what transformative action looks like, much better grasp of how to approach a gender analysis, structures and norms!”​

testimonials“The case studies helped to ground and flesh out the knowledge.”

testimonials “I adore frameworks. Step by step examples… so definitely the framework [was the most useful].”​

testimonials“I really enjoyed the workshop and the presentation was brilliant.”

testimonials“[Today I have gained] knowledge and understand of key gender terms. Everything was perfect!”




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