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Take a Stand

Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence

Take a Stand Partnership Program helps prevent violence against women before it occurs by working with businesses to change attitudes and behaviours that support violence against women.

Developed by Women’s Health Victoria, the Program is informed by research that links sexist attitudes to violence against women.

A fee-for-service partner package is available that includes information and resources to enable workplaces to implement the Program. Enquires are welcome.

Core elements – lead, train and promote

Origin of Take a Stand

Take A Stand is firmly founded on evidence and experience gained from the Working Together Against Violence project conducted by Women’s Health Victoria in partnership with Linfox. The project was funded by VicHealth and ran from 2007 to 2012. It aimed to strengthen the organisational capacity of a male-dominated workplace to promote gender equality and non-violent norms. Linfox provided a multi-site workplace to pioneer the program.

Evaluation of the project demonstrated what works in embedding and sustaining in a workplace the primary prevention of violence against women. These findings were incorporated into the development of Take a Stand.

Awards won by Take a Stand

Further information

View the Introductory brochure
To find out more, email Take a Stand or contact Women’s Health Victoria.

Content Reviewed: 04 January 2016
Last Updated: 04 January 2016