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Medical Abortion Forum 2016 proceedings

On 23 June 2016 Women’s Health Victoria in partnership with Family Planning Victoria and the Royal Women’s Hospital held a forum exploring the topic:

‘Is medical abortion increasing access for women in Victoria? New models of care and ongoing challenges.’

Safe access to abortion is good public health practice and plays an important role in supporting women’s health, equality and wellbeing. Access to medical abortion is associated with numerous potential benefits for women, including greater choice and access, as well as lower costs. However, in Victoria ongoing barriers to accessing medical abortion include high costs, the multiple appointments required, and a lack of services in rural and regional areas.

Forum speakers:

Discussion was facilitated by Candy Broad, Women’s Health Victoria.


Full audiorecording download (MP3 270 MB) Large file – Duration: 115 min.

Kathy McNamee presentation slides (PDF 520 KB)

Angela Rutherford presentation slides (PDF 520 KB)

Additional PowerPoint presentations from the Forum will be added here as available.

Feedback from participants

Medical Abortion Forum 2016 proceedings [audiorecording and slides] / Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne : Women's Health Victoria, June 2016